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The Tri-Township Water Corporation (TTW) was formed in 1963 to replace private home water supplies. By June 1966, TTW began pumping water to approximately 300 homes. The Corporation started with one 50,000 gallon water tower at Morgan Road, two high service pumps and a 150 gallon per minute (gpm) filter, both located at Morgan Road next to the water tower and two wells at the Jamison Well Field. At this time there were only four fire hydrants in the entire Distribution System. As demand increased in 1974, the Corporation added another well at the Jamison Well Field and a 300,000 gallon ground storage tank at Morgan Road. As our community continued to grow in the late seventies, TTW expanded with the addition of our current Office and Repair Building, added three 300 gpm Booster Pumps, along with a 300,000 gallon ground storage tank. Three additional wells and a 600 gpm filter were also added at the Jamison Well Field. At this time, a 100,000 gallon tower was constructed near Dover to resolve low water pressure in that service area, as well as the installation of 12 miles of new water lines throughout the system.

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By 1980, TTW was serving 800 homes and had increased to 15 fire hydrants. In 1987, a 500,000 gallon water tower was constructed on Henderson Road for additional water storage. During the next several years many subdivisions were developed and the need to move more water to the South end of the system had increased. A new 8 inch water main was installed in 1992 along State Line Road from Sneakville Road to the top of the hill on State Line Road.

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TTW was growing at an average of 100 new service connections per year. The small capacity Morgan Road Water Plant was nearing 30 years old and became costly to maintain. With the Jamison Well Field also nearing production capacity, the search for an additional well field began. In 1994, a new well field was purchased near Cedar Grove, Indiana on the South side of the Whitewater River. By 1995, the original 50,000 gallon water tower at Morgan Road had outlived its’ useful life and was removed from service and demolished. TTW was serving approximately 2500 homes and the Morgan Road Treatment plant as well as the Jamison Road Treatment plant were nearing capacity. Construction began in the spring of 1996 on the Cedar Grove Project, which included two 1200 gpm wells, one 1200 gpm filter, along with 11 miles of 16 inch water main installed from the Cedar Grove Filter Plant to the Logan area to connect to our existing distribution system. Once the Cedar Grove project was completed, the original 150 gpm Morgan Rd. plant was removed and this location was converted to a Booster Station, which consists of two 400 gpm pumps.

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In 1998, an 8 inch main was installed along Mt. Pleasant Road to move water to the Henderson Road Tower and a new shop building was constructed at the Main Office on State Line Road. The Justis Road 500,000 gallon water tower was erected in 2000. By 2004, TTW had grown to serve 3200 homes, service 240 fire hydrants, 435 valves, and 115 miles of water mains. Starting in 2004, TTW installed an electronic meter reading system, eliminating the need for manual meter readings. This took nearly 3 years to install. Thru the years of 2005-2006 several new residential developments were installed.


In 2007, a generator was placed into service at the Cedar Grove Plant and Well Field to supply emergency power in the event of a power outage. During the slowdown of the housing market from 2009-2014, growth dwindled to an average of 20 new service connections per year. During these years, Tri-Township continued to install a few residential developments and some short water main extensions. Painting of water storage tanks and filter plants is an ongoing maintenance in the water industry and was no exception during these years.



In 2015 we replaced 2 – 50 year old water mains along Morgan Rd. & Kolb Rd. a total of 12,276 feet of 6″ & 2″ replaced with 12″ & 6″ and reset 24 meter settings to connect to the new water mains.For the road construction in the downtown Bright area we replaced 2200 feet of 8”, 6”, & 4” water mains with new 12” & 8” water mains to the outer edge of the right of way so our older mains were not under the newly constructed roadway. We also reset 30 existing meter settings to connect them to the new main and relocate them out of the new County right of way. 2016 & 2017 we continue to add a few smaller developments and some short water main extensions to serve new customers just beyond our existing water mains.  We also have continued with standard maintenance on rebuilding of pumps where needed & routine cleaning of our underground wells.

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Tri-Township strives to provide safe drinking water to all of our valued customers. TTW currently serves 3800 homes and small businesses, maintains 317 fire hydrants and 600 valves, and over 120 miles of water mains.

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